Volume 7 Issue 1

Palpitations in the Pandemic

Asha Gopalakrishna Pillai, Suhan Alva, Arun Grace Roy, Kiran George Kulirankal, Ann Mary and Dipu Thareparambil Sathyapalan
The current pandemic caused by COVID, a primary respiratory pathogen, has resulted in a number of neurological manifestations following the infection. Reports of COVID positive patients with meningoencephalitis, Guillain Barre Syndrome and cerebrovascular accidents have surfaced over the past few months.

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HIV-Related Neuropathy: Pathophysiology, Treatment and Challenges

Noushin Jazebi, Chad Evans, Hima S. Kadaru, Divya Kompella, Felix Fang, Mukaila Raji, Miguel Pappolla, Shao-Jun
Tang, Jin Mo Chung, Bruce Hammock and Xiang Fang

HIV-sensory neuropathy (HIV-SN) is a debilitating complication in HIV patients with or without anti-retroviral treatment (ART). Common symptoms of HIV-SN include pain, decreased sensation, paresthesias and dysesthesias in a symmetric stocking-glove distribution.

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