The 2022 Conference on Movement and Cognition


Objectives: 1) Explore the connections between posture and cognition, 2) examine the measurable changes in posture and motor skills observed with the use of frequency resonating insoles in older adults, as seen in pilot study collaboration with McGill University, 3) discuss relevant research findings of posture in cognitive performance and 4) review potential areas for future study involving these factors.
Methods: Research has been conducted using fMRI to test cognitive functions in supine and upright postures, as well as with dual tasking requiring performance of a postural and cognitive task. In clinic, participants were fitted with 90 Hz frequency postural insoles that they were required to wear in closed shoes during all waking hours, for two weeks.

Published on: October 10, 2022
doi: 10.17756/jnen.2022-suppl2
Citation: The 2022 Conference on Movement and Cognition. J Neurol Exp Neurosci 8(Suppl 1): S1-S39.