Alzheimer’s Disease, is a Cure Possible?

Byron A. Kakulas


There is an enormous amount of research in progress worldwide in the search for a cure of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) undertaken at very great cost. It is therefore timely to take stock and review these efforts in the light of the reality of the neuropathology of AD. AD is the commonest cause of dementia which is estimated to affect 6% of the population at the age of 60 years and rises one percent by every year of age from then on by the age of 80 years 26% will be affected. AD therefore poses a gigantic problem medically, socially and economically becoming more so as life expectancy increases. This is reason why so much time, effort energy and money is spent on trying to find a cure.

Published on: March 28, 2019
doi: 10.17756/jnen.2019-050
Citation: Kakulas BA. 2019. Alzheimer’s Disease, is a Cure Possible? J Neurol Exp Neurosci 5(1): 38-39.