Volume 2 Issue 1

Independent Predictors of Severity and Functional Outcome of Acute Ischemic Stroke in Patients with Diabetes

Sai Sampath Kumar Natuva, Sunanda Tirupati, Amaresh P. Reddy, Ganesh Vallampalli and Sangamithra Gandra
Diabetes mellitus the metabolic disorder, can interact with atherosclerosis in ischemic strokes to initiate, activate and propagate vascular events Patients with diabetes have a two- to threefold higher risk of developing atherosclerotic vascular disease. This increased risk is largely attributed to the clustering of other risk factors like, age, hypertension, dyslipidemia, poor glycaemic status.

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Vanillin a Food Additive Ameliorates Harmaline Induced Tremor in Rats

Abdulrahman Al Asmari, Lubna Al Otaibi, Faisal Kunnathodi, Fahad Abdullah Al Ghulaydhawi and Mohammed Arshaduddin
Essential tremor (ET) is a common neurological disorder. Genetic, environmental and dietary factors have been suggested to contribute to ET. The present study investigates the effect of vanillin, a polyphenol food additive with strong neuroprotective activity in harmaline induced tremors in rats.

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